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Description: Project for the competition “Civic Budget of the City of Poznań 2020”

Role: Project Creator

Dates: Submitted (did not win)

Project link:

Charity shops are an inseparable elements of the UK landscape. Situated on the main streets of towns and cities they support a particular charity organization and serve as a local recycling point. Their offer is extremely rich – from clothes to books, furniture and household appliances; simply everything which – for whatever reasons – is no longer needed and is looking for a new owner. Inspired by this idea, I proposed to open Poznań Charity Shops in every district of the city and allocate their income to support local charity organizations. In addition, the store will be running workshops and educational lectures on recycling and ecological lifestyle. Poznan Charity Shops will be more than just another second hand clothing store – my aim is to create a social and educational place based on the idea of ​​giving, sharing and transferring of knowledge.

The goal of PoSCh – apart from recycling and education – is to generate income that will be used to support Poznań’s charity organizations. Items collected for free will be sold for a small fee, thus bringing income, which – after regulating the costs of running the store – will be distributed among local charities.

PoSCh (Poznański Sklep Charytatywny) will be located in every district of the city, however, their location as well as the opening date will depend on the number of vacant premises at the disposal of the city’s resources.