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Description: Project submitted for the competition “Civic Budget of the City of Poznań 2020”

Role: Project Creator

Dates: Submitted (did not win)

Project link: h

The aim of the project is to deal with the lack of public toilets in the city of Poznań. The idea behind the project is simple: the problem will be solved by providing toilets in cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, museums and other organizations, which are under the city’s supervision. In this way, the existing infrastructure will be used without the need to create a new one. The benefits of the project would be noticed not only by people in need, but also by the institutions, which – in this unconventional way – will also receive advertisement of their cultural activities.

Part of the project would include building a mobile application with a map of Poznań and places offering free toilets. Additionally the app will provide a short information about the institution, its activity, opening hours and link to the website. Information about the “Free Pee” project will be advertised in places such as for example the airport and railway/bus station. The next element of the project will include plates placed in various places of the city with the inscriptions “Free Pee. Library 140 m” (for example). In order to keep the toilets clean, an external company will be employed and the toilets will undergo a modernization and adaptation process allowing for the admission of more people.